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During a  Heart Healing Attunement, the client relaxes as Reiki energy flows through the mind, body, and spirit. Once relaxed, a sacred Reiki symbol is placed into the heart center. (Reiki symbols are the energy transmuters and the keys to the Reiki healing technique.)

The placement of the sacred Reiki symbol brings about an opening.  Each individual experiences this in a different way.  Responses range from tears to laughter, from increased self-love to the ability to relate more intimately with others, from forgiveness to acceptance.

 The Heart Healing Attunement is available to those who want to be able to give and receive love more freely, and open to self-love and compassion.

I was feeling emotionally blocked and decided to have a Heart Healing Attunement. After I felt lighter and more open. Thank you so much. I am truly grateful.
— Mindy B.