Make peace with your past.

Timeline Retrieval Reiki is a powerful way to revisit and reclaim fragmented parts of yourself - Parts left locked in traumatic memories from the past.  Thea takes great care in gently holding space with Reiki while the client has the unique opportunity to back into the memory and as an adult with Thea, speak what they need to say, do what they need to do, to reclaim their inner self in a safe, empowering way.

Inner child healing work can have ongoing profound effects.

I’m really amazed at how deep we went! To the PLACE of actually KNOWING what my 6-7 year old felt and how it affected the older me! I just keep taking myself back to the moment of integration during the Reiki Treatment. Soo amazing!! I am going to treat myself with so much kindness and love from now on.
— Sophie J.