About the Reiki Master Thea Anya Nathan


It all started when...

Thea Annya Nathan, founder of the Reiki Training Institute, has been a Certified Reiki Master practicing in the U.S., Europe and Asia for over a decade. She is 12th in the direct lineage of Reiki founder Dr. Mikao Usui, and authorized to initiate others. Her amazing ability to promote energy healing sets her apart, and makes her one of the area’s sought out practitioners.


“Training with the Reiki Training Institute was an amazing experience. I received individual attention for every question, and the peaceful, compassionate atmosphere made me feel totally at home. The understandings received in this class have helped me in every area of my life.”
~Shanti Cross
, Chief Administrative Officer, Brain Research Institute, UCLA

“Reiki has been a profoundly restorative and spiritual experience for me. I felt a deep relaxing, letting go of stresses and strains that had been buried deep inside for a very long time. Without effort, I opened to greater understanding, acceptance, and clarity.”
~Lilian Grant,