“I was in constant pain, I felt enormous physical healing”

A very dear friend of mine invited me to a community Reiki circle lead by Thea; she thought it might help me as I was in constant pain. From the first time I went, I started feeling relief.  At first, it would last a day or so, and the more I went, the longer it lasted.  I felt enormous physical healing.

I was feeling emotionally blocked and decided to have a  Heart Healing Attunement.  After I felt lighter and more open and realized this would be a process.  The healing allowed me to love myself enough to get help with my eating disorder.  I have lost 30 lbs to date and continue doing my inner work with a new willingness. Today I cried, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy, being able to take in love and feel it in my heart.  Thank you so much.  I am truly grateful.

Mindy B.


“Hands of Fire”

I met Thea almost a decade ago through a community Reiki circle at the Cancer Support Community. I felt her capacious energy and resonated with it straightaway. I have seen Thea work in many situations. She embodies the loving Reiki spirit in every instance - as a trusted practitioner, teacher and group facilitator.

Thea has assisted me in my own healing with physical issues due to injury, emotional issues due to the passing of loved ones and other losses. Her calming, grounded presence is only surpassed by her ability to be able to hold and channel a powerful amount of Reiki energy with her “hands of fire.”

During my Mastery courses, Thea showed her clear and capable teaching techniques. It was a delight for me, as an educator, to see how she crafted cogent lessons of this precious body of ethereal work. Her Reiki Master teacher training/mentoring has been a treasure in my life, now and for my future.

I am so grateful we met.

— Karla K.- Child Development Specialist, Reiki Master

Reiki has given me a more peaceful mind”

For me 2014 was a rather difficult year as I was dealing with a deep loss and a feeling of sorrow that stayed with me throughout the year. I felt raw and vulnerable and wondering if/when the "other shoe would drop". A coworker that had been in one of Thea's open circles mentioned it and suggested that I should attend it. I am glad I did and from then on started having regular  sessions with Thea. Each time it was like awakening from a deep blissful sleep and I could feel myself healing a bit at a time. Thea is an extraordinary individual, open, caring and extremely knowledgeable Reiki Master practitioner. Fast forward 4 years and I am still in awe of her ability and skills. Reiki has given me a more peaceful mind and added a powerful tool to my spiritual practice. My heart is full and I am forever gratitude to Thea for adding so much joy in my life.  
In love and light.

— Jackie S.

She's not only an amazing and powerful Reiki healer, but she's also a wise sage and intuitive that is humble and makes you feel comfortable and calm in her presence.

— Amanda S.

“She improved my skills as a practitioner.”

I first met Thea 2 years ago, when looking for a Reiki master to help me improve my skills as a practitioner.  I had a ton of questions.  After giving me one of the best reiki treatments I’ve ever had, she willingly answered any and all questions I had about Reiki energy and how best to use my new skill.  She was so kind and patient and invited me to join her reiki circle!  I was so happy and excited to learn from her.  I’m still learning every time we meet.  I’ve since had quite a few sessions with her and her healing energy and intuition is always right on.  (On a side note, I was so impressed with her skill and loving energy, I asked her to be our featured reiki “expert” on a movie I’m producing—and I’m pretty picky!)

Rona L.

"Thea worked with me from the time I was diagnosed with Cancer through to my recovery."

She came to the hospital as I struggled to recover from serious complications from surgery. And she worked with me one night as I struggled to breathe and thought I was going to die. One of the greatest gifts that she gave me was her willingness to hold a space, a place, and a stillness where we could work together to help my body, my mind, and my emotions heal. I am in remission now, all clear, and have made a stronger recovery than most thought possible after such serious cancer and surgery. My medical team was fantastic. But Thea's Reiki work helped me to understand that healing the body is about more than medicine." 

— Richard G.